Complete Dentures

Complete Dentures

Not all dentures are created equal. We offer different options to our patients to meet their needs.

Standard Denture

we like to say we don’t do “cheap” here, so this is our most affordable option, includes 3 months denture maintenance coverage.

Plus Denture

this option will give you some added benefits including more accurate impressions, premium quality teeth, higher quality acrylic (denture base), as well as longer denture maintenance coverage.

Premium Denture

this is our highest quality option, it includes everything in plus, and the SEMCD method* of impression taking which ensure incredibly well fitting dentures(especially the lower), as well as fibre force ™ denture strengthening mesh and 3 years of denture maintenance coverage.
There are other additional options such as name insertion, and soft liners for those who would like them.
*SEMCD method is a technique that we have been trained in that was developed to increase the fit and function of lower dentures. It requires more time in clinical appointments and in lab procedures. This method is achievable in 80% of patients, based on their anatomy. A quick exam can determine your eligibility.

Benefits of Complete Dentures

As a last resort, sometimes all of the teeth must be removed to treat various tooth decay and gum disease. Complete dentures are prepared after the gums have healed and therefore have a much better ‘fit’ than immediate dentures and generally cost less.

Why Should You Get New Dentures?

The average life span of a denture is 5 to 8 years. It is beneficial to replace your dentures when your current ones have become worn and begin to break. Replacing your dentures can allow us to ensure that your jaw is in the correct position during function, as well as give you a proper fit. New dentures can increase your biting force and restore a confident smile.

Repairs, Relines, Adjustments

We also offer same day denture repairs, relines and adjustments at Taber Denture Clinic. Let us know how we can help you today.

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