Repairs / Relines

Repairs / Relines

The average person eats nearly 1500 meals year. That’s a lot of chewing! Naturally, dentures wear and can become fragile, which can result in breakage. Teeth can break either by natural wear and tear, or sometimes by accident. Dentures can even break in half. No worries, we can repair most any problems you might have, and we can repair them in the same day. If you should have any of these problems give us a call and we should be able to get you in that day!

After wearing dentures for a couple years sometimes your mouth can change or the denture acrylic can be worn or stained. That does not mean it needs to be replaced, we can do a reline which will replace the pink plastic portion of your denture with out having to pay the cost of full replacement. Please call us today for your free consultation.

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